"I have wanted to meditate for years. The Into Stillness app was such a help, teaching me different ways to meditate and starting out at 10 minutes was easy enough! I am loving the daily reminder button to keep me consistent."

--Brigit S.

"I love this concept of a 10 minute meditation because it helps me quiet my mind just long enough to feel refreshed. My favorite technique is toning followed by chanting."

--Mike T.

"The Into Stillness app has greatly assisted me to become a consistent meditator. Something I never thought I would have time for but so glad I have made the time. Having it on my iPad so I can take it with me, helps!"

--Carolyn W.


Sanctuary 10 Minute Meditation

Got 10 minutes? If no, then you seriously need to find some balance in your life! If yes, then there are no more excuses, it is time to meditate.

This Sanctuary Into Stillness™ app is designed for beginners as well as proficient meditators. Learn how to meditate or improve your existing meditation practice with 7 unique techniques each 10 minutes in length. 10 minutes a day allows you to reboot your "engine" (body/mind) and get back on track.

Research has shown that meditation can contribute to your psychological and physiological well-being. Meditation brings your brainwave pattern into an alpha state, which is a level of consciousness that promotes the healing, rejuvenation state. Meditation provides many health benefits—relaxation, reduction of stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, pain relief, improved sleep patterns and so much more.

Anderson Cooper aired a piece on 60 Minutes, Dec. 14, 2014 describing Mindfulness, which involves meditation and how to train our minds to achieve peace and reduce stress. A calm mind makes you more productive, provides creative problem solving and helps to gain clarity. Anderson was skeptical and it changed his life. He realized, "This is exactly what I need." He meditates just about every day now. Full 60 Minutes episode with Anderson.

Just 10 minutes a day can change your life. In fact on Oprah's show Feb 5th, 2008 with Dr. Oz on "How to Stay Young", they both agree that you should meditate daily even if you only have 5 minutes. Oprah says, "Your life will change exponentially if you start meditating. I know that." So start your change of life now, and transport yourself via meditation to a state of pure relaxation and bliss which will harmonize the vibration in your body to be healthy and happy.

With the daily reminder you will have no more excuses to be consistent with your meditation practice. Try a technique for FREE. Explore the other 6 techniques to find your preferred method or to just switch it up daily — 1 technique per day of the week. The 6 other techniques can be purchased individually for $0.99 or as a bundle for $3.99.

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