"I loved this guided meditation. It was my first time meditating and for me the guided visualization was very helpful. My feet were still warm from walking on the sand when I finished the meditation! Very powerful."

--Jeannine K.

"The guided meditation was a huge help for me to direct my thoughts as I learned to meditate. I could really 'see' the images in my mind which was fun for me. Very helpful."

--Robyn C.


Sanctuary Return to the Sea

The Sanctuary Return to the Sea ™ app is a guided visualization meditation designed for both beginning and advanced meditators and features two versions which can be done together for a 30 min. meditation or separately. This guided journey has calming music to help relax the body and focus the mind which may assist you to release what is no longer needed in your life and to reclaim and create all that you desire. The second part contains gentle music and sounds to help heal and uplift as you relax and enjoy the Return to the Sea.

Purchase or Gift the app for $2.99.