"I never expected instant results! Thank you for your kindness, words of wisdom and sincere compassion for my situation. It is great to know there is someone on my side."

-- Valerie M.

"Thank you for the Soul Awakening session, it is obvious you bring joy and healing to people. I walked back into the office after our session and three people told me how great I looked and that I had this glow or one said radiant light around me…one asked what I went and did at my lunch break!…well your healing powers and words of wisdom are working on me so thanks for your assistance. Your presence was clearly with me."

-- T. Clark

"I have so enjoyed working with you. I feel like I have reclaimed myself! You really guided me through a process with gentleness and provided me with the clarity I needed to make the changes necessary."

-- Melissa M.

"Thank you so much for your wisdom & grace. Please know that your words have great power and will trickle down to many in need. I also want you to know how I always feel energized & positive every time we meet, thank you for that gift!"

-- Teresa H.


Are your life issues being amplified and in need of resolution? Are you ready for a shift to clear the blocks that hinder your growth and happiness? It is time to remove mental and emotional toxins and gain insight, greater clarity and inner peace.

What if you were to learn that your greatest problem, what keeps you separated from being happy, is your refusal to digest what you have taken in. Just as food is a physical substance taken into the body, an experience of any kind is a "food" that has been absorbed in the mental and emotional parts of your being. Anything that cannot pass through you, meaning that you are unwilling to embrace it or forgive it on some level, causes "indigestion" of the physical, emotional, mental bodies and therefore translates into unhappiness, stress and toxins, dis-ease in your being.

Awakening begins by bringing to your awareness your relationship with your thoughts, emotions and core beliefs, helping you uncover the source and variations of your inner energy. Then discovering what you can do to free yourself from the habitual thoughts, emotions, and energy patterns that limit your consciousness and create negative feelings and situations. Your life is always giving you subtle hints about yourself. The pattern of your outer life mirrors your inner world and Happiness is an inner experience that you must actively cultivate moment by moment. It's about making a shift, a shift in your perceptions about yourself and the world. For after all you may travel the world over, but the only place that you live is within your own Feeling World. What are you focusing on?

You always have the ability to change your mind and therefore correct your perceptions, thoughts. And you always have the ability to control your feelings and remain harmonious. If you knew that you could not possibly fail, that the universe will support you completely, what would you do with your time? You can open the door to a life lived in the freedom of your innermost being, your authentic self – Going with the Flow, leaving the ordinary life and beginning an extraordinary one! It starts with LOVING yourself FREE.

Jillian Auberger, Ph.D., tailors each Awakening Session to your specific needs. You will experience how easy it is to make significant shifts in your life and you will be able to apply practical tools immediately. Benefits of an Awakening Session can be:

  • Higher self-esteem, self-worth, confidence
  • Internal peace and dialog with your Higher Self
  • Create an Attitude of Gratitude
  • Understand how your thoughts effect your reality
  • Launch your desires – Intention Setting
  • Begin to heal all levels and uncover and attract your heart's desires
  • Find what is blocking you and tap into Personal Empowerment
  • Uncover past hurts so you can move beyond them with clarity and forgiveness
  • Learn how to walk away from negative situations before they harm you
  • Release old patterns, beliefs and fears
  • Understand how your feelings are key in creating the lasting happiness you desire
  • Meditation and Mindfulness training
  • Discover your authentic power and self – Your life's purpose
  • Create a plan of action to bring balance into your life
  • Learn how to tap into your intuition – Start listening to and trusting your inner voice
  • Allow the Universe to support you – Understand the Law of Attraction
  • Stop living by other's rules and values – Follow your own true path
  • Stop repressing or ignoring your real needs – Follow your heart
  • Experience flow, synchronicity, abundance and peace of mind
  • Learn how to allow your heart to be your guide
  • Develop confidence to achieve your life's goals
  • Start to actually LOVE yourself.

Awaken to the Truth of who you are and become fully integrated on all levels. Give yourself permission to be Joyful and start living your best life, a life full of Happiness. Take flight, dialog with and awaken your Divine Presence. It's all an inside job anyway!


  • Individual Sessions – 60 min. $120

  • Package Sessions – Intake Session 90 min. $150
    & 4 Follow-up Sessions 45 min. $75 each

Sessions in person or via the phone. Contact Jillian to Start your Awakening Today